The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development.

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    Cool Kids Table

    Here's an uncomfortable truth about the programming world: we all want to sit at the cool kids table. It was true in high school, and it remains true today. It makes you wonder how this might be reflected in the tools we choose.

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    One Thing I Love About Laravel

    One thing I love about Laravel is how, for any given project or feature, there's already a clearly defined pathway I can follow to complete it. For example, we take it for granted that a robust queue system with model serialization is always at your fingertips. We take it for granted that a powerful event dispatcher with automatic event registration is available for free. We even take it for granted that the decision of where to store your secret API keys has already been solved and documented.

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    If Programmers Had a Superpower

    My wife recently paid me a compliment. "You're a good troubleshooter" - to which I replied, that's because it's all I do every day. Programmers are professional troubleshooters.

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    How to be Ignored on GitHub

    After you've maintained a popular open source project for any length of time, you begin to notice a pattern. Certain issues and pull requests bubble up to the top of your todo list, and certain issues...are ignored. Let's talk about why that's often the case.

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    The Goodbye Debacle

    We recently pushed a new "goodbye" landing page for the Laracasts website. In an effort to not succumb to the usual, boring "Goodbye, hope to see you again" copy, I opted for a different approach. Unfortunately, it didn't land for everyone the way I thought it might.

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    How We Work

    I recently hired a new instructor for Laracasts. Now that the team has grown to four people, including myself, I thought it might be interesting to discuss my personal hands-off approach to running a small and low-stress team.

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    Four Words Can Derail Your Day

    Four words can derail any programmer's day. Those four words are "If I could just..." Ask yourself if you frequently fall into this trap. "If I could just configure my code editor properly, then I could get some work done." Or what about this one? "If I could just get my office the way I want it, then I could begin this new feature." Have no doubt; this is a form of procrastination that infects most of us.

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    Meet Them Where They Are

    As parents or teachers, if you want to instill a joy for learning or reading, it's important that you meet them where they're currently at in life. The goal, as we've discussed in past episodes of The Laracasts Snippet, is to get them excited.

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    It's All About the Framing

    I recently came across a month-old YouTube channel with two million subscribers. The content...was fine. The audio...was fine. And, yet, two million subscribers! Often, the way in which you frame your content is significantly more important than the content itself.

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    TDD Dogmatism

    Few topics in the programming world spark debate quite as much as TDD. There's enough dogmatism from the evangelists of TDD to warrant an equal and opposite reaction from those who aren't on board and are tired of being told they're doing it wrong.

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    When Programmers Run Businesses

    We're living in an interesting time, when one person - anywhere in the world - can start a business without leaving their bedroom. Even better, this business has the potential to bring in revenue while the person sleeps. This is the secret sauce to wealth, and it's now available to anyone with an internet connect and a decent idea. As a result, we have now regular folks - often with little business sense - running highly profitable small businesses.

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    How Open Source Projects Spiral Out of Control

    Every open source project begins with the best of intentions. In fact, they usually begin with excitement. One developer has an idea, and thinks, "Hmm - I can do this!" So why is it that, more often than not, these projects eventually spiral out of control?

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    Repair Your Focus

    We can all surely relate to the sense that our ability to focus has slowly deteriorated over the last decade. If this scares you as much as it does me, let's talk about how we reverse the process through habit forming.

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    They're Only Guidelines

    I think you'll find that intermediate-level developers tend to be the most passionate and rigid of the entire community. It is at this stage of your learning when you are most susceptible and attracted to programming "rules," or instructions from above that, when followed, lead us to clean code. But that's okay. While we all eventually realize that rules are meant to be broken, in certain phases of our training, rules very much serve an important purpose, and we'll talk about it in this episode.

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    This is How We Elect a President

    To offer something different this week, let's tear down and inspect a recent conflict on the US presidential debate stage.

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    A Brain Dump on Fatherhood

    In this episode, I offer a brain dump on the intricacies of raising two little kids, and fatherhood in general.

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    The Learn to Code Absurdity

    Too often, we hear politicians spew the tired "learn to code" slogan in response to difficult questions related to disappearing jobs in remote America. Let's talk about the logistics and practicality of a middle-aged coal miner making this switch.

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    Thinking About Types

    I've thought quite a bit about types in the last year or two. I know - borrring - but I find it interesting to observe how intensely talented developers can disagree with one another on this particular issue.

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    The Correct Way to Think of Objects

    Developers passionately disagree with one another on most programming issues. For every tutorial on class inheritance, duck-typing, naming conventions, and mutability, I'll show you another resource that argues vehemently in the opposite direction.

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    Focus on Two Hours, Not Two Years

    Every developer should develop and manage at least one project themselves. Doing so not only harnesses your discipline, but it also forces you to flex product-related muscles you've never used before.

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    Identifying CSS Animation Bottlenecks

    One of the more frustrating aspects of front-end development stems from the fact that even the smallest of alterations has the potential to derail your entire week. In this episode, we'll discuss how to track browser-specific CSS performance issues.

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    Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

    That simple rule we all learned years ago in school may not have stuck properly. Why else would we, decade after decade, incorrectly and constantly draw "cause-and-effect" lines from one variable to another?

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    The Screencasting Mistakes All Newcomers Make

    It occurred to me recently that I've likely recorded more programming screencasts than just about anyone. In that time, I've picked up a number of small tips and techniques.

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    Forming Friendships When Working Remotely

    Traditionally, there are three primary locations when most friendships are formed: school, the workplace, and church. But what if you're unable to tick any of these boxes, as is increasingly the case for remote workers.

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    To Mute or Not to Mute

    A recent study found that a small percentage of individuals are largely responsible for the widespread sense that online interactions are hostile and toxic. Assuming this is true, is it possible that muting a handful of people will instantly remove the negativity in your feed?

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    Easy Frontend Performance Wins

    In this episode, we'll discuss a series of performance improvements that you can apply to your own projects right now. You'll learn about everything from image lazy loading to inspecting the cost of an NPM package.

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    The Final Podcast

    No, this isn't the last Laracasts Snippet. But we will be discussing PHP's final keyword and the arguments for and against applying it by default.

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    Conquering Eye Strain

    In the last few years, I've noticed that my eyes simply aren't as resilient as they used to be. After staring at a computer screen for so many years, the daily eye strain and headaches have been getting worse. Much worse. In this episode, I discuss the steps I've recently taken to improve my situation. If you're in the same boat, have a listen!

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    Dogma and Personality

    Each of us is born with a unique personality that defines much of how we view the world. Is it possible that this also cascades down to the code we write? Maybe!

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    The Four P's

    Today, I have four completely unrelated topics to discuss with you today. As a (cheesy) way to connect the dots between them, we'll call this episode the four P's: Personal, Professional, Political, and Parental.

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    Beginners and Pros Share This Common Insecurity

    As part of managing Laracasts, I've been lucky enough to speak with countless developers. Whether newcomers or seasoned veterans, they too often seem to share the same insecurity: sooner or later, they'll be found out.

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    The subject of this week's episode is gamification. I'll begin by gushing over Outer Wilds, and then move on to discussing the pros and cons of general gamification elements in web apps and schools.

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    The jQuery Influence

    I recently made a bittersweet commit that removed jQuery from the Laracasts codebase entirely. Let's discuss how important the library has been to the JavaScript ecosystem as a whole.

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    The Media Consolidation Dilemma

    Are you as annoyed as I am that there are five different points of entry, if you want to watch a movie you own? Is it a Blu-ray? Is it on your DVR? Did you buy it on iTunes? Or was it Amazon Prime? Recently, I've been trying to consolidate all of my purchased media to a Plex server I set up. If you're in the same boat, here are some things to watch out for.

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    Isn't PHP Dead?

    After working with PHP for over ten years now, there's one question that continues to pop up - no matter what year it is: "Isn't PHP Dead?" Let's talk about it.

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    The First Draft is Always Crap

    The first draft is almost always crap. There's no getting around it. But once you accept this harsh truth, it can be freeing. Not everything you do is gold.

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    4 Things

    This episode, I have four things to discuss with you: children and values, old PHP, developers and back pain, and finally a new UI component we're working on for Laracasts.

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    It's Still a Finish Line

    I recently spent an entire day making a small, but tricky Vue component for the Laracasts forum. There's no doubt that it took longer than I would have liked. But, the fact remains: at the start of the day, I had no clue how to build it. When I clocked out that evening, it was finished and deployed. Let's talk about why this is my favorite aspect of programming, and how it can overflow into the rest of your life.

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    A Tricky Topic to Discuss

    Representation in the tech community is a tricky topic to discuss. Like a minefield, be careful where you step on this issue. But let's see if we can trace a safe path through.

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    Keep Your Head Down

    This week, we're discussing focus, social media, and why we all need to try harder to keep our heads down.

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    Show Me An Example

    Lately, I've been thinking about the importance of providing examples. Whether you're writing new code, or preparing documentation, or even discussing code, I'm always left with the same thought: "Give me an example."

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    Back Off

    Developers seem to have a peculiar need to protect their peers from themselves. While I've no doubt that this desire stems from a good place, you need to let people make their own mistakes.

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    Protect Your Baseline

    In the last year - after breaking a few of my personal rules - I've become incredibly sensitive to lifestyle creep. In this episode, we discuss why, eight months ago, I asked my pregnant wife to help me slash our lifestyle in half. We'll also talk about important considerations for your own life.

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    Remote Contractor Workflow Q&A

    In this episode, line by line, I'll answer a recent question related to remote contractors. We'll discuss choosing an applicant, tips for getting the job, tooling, workflow, and more.

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    Discipline Versus Laziness

    I've focused a great deal on discipline this year. I'm not sure why, but it might be related to the fact that I now have two increasingly time-consuming children that I'm responsible for. While, in the past, I'd often find myself edging toward the "I'll do it tomorrow" path, this year, I've worked hard to sprint in the opposite direction. Or, in other words, even when you're desperate to avoid it, deal with your shit.

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    The 2019 Laracasts Refresh

    It's been over two years since Laracasts last received a fresh coat of paint. For those who know me (Jeffrey), that's two years too long. In this episode, I discuss every facet of the redesign process.

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    Developer Fitness

    Today I completed a year long project that I'd like to talk to you about.

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    Basic Financial Literacy

    In the United States (and surely many other countries), financial literacy is not taught in schools. You might think that basic investing and a review of compound interest would be profoundly important learning material. But according to the school board, you'd be wrong. Perhaps it's only natural then that those living in the US are deeper in debt than ever in our history.

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    Stream of Consciousness

    While most episodes generally focus on one central idea, today is more a stream of consciousness. We'll discuss everything from the struggles of running a business, to Metroid, to social media addiction, to Cobra Kai. Grab a drink and let's hang out.

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    Choose the Boring Path

    I've begun to find that, in so many cases, the basic, boring path - for learning a skill or achieving some result - ends up being the correct one. It's not the fancy twelve-point program that costs $899 to unlock. Nope, not even close.

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    Q&A - Controversial Ideas, Politics, and Code

    It's time for another Q&A. This week, we'll discuss everything from how I'd build Laracasts differently today, which controversial ideas I subscribe to, reflections on having a two year old child, and, of course, code editors...

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    Overdoing It

    Every developer goes too far at some point in their career. It's unavoidable.

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    Programming Truths

    Too many ideas and practices in programming are accepted as basic truths. "Don't do it like that! It's dirty." What I'm concerned with is who gets to determine what is and isn't acceptable code to write. Today, I'd like to share four common practices and ideas that I tend to disagree with.

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    What You Should Think

    Do you ever feel like you opinions are being spoon-fed to you? Even worse, what if you didn't even realize it was taking place?

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    Top of the Pack

    You've seen the same headline all over the web: "This one technique can triple your income overnight." Really? And I only have to click through your article, split into fifteen pages full of ads? Where do I sign up!? But what if there was a simple technique to drastically improve your chances in the job market?

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    Immersion is Key

    It doesn't matter which new thing I want to learn, step one is always the same: immerse yourself.

  57. Thumb 1513187635 artwork

    Kevin McCallister is a Jerk (and 2017 Realizations)

    In this episode, we'll begin with a five minute discussion of Home Alone, because I know my audience - and that's what you're truly craving from me. Then, we'll move on to a variety of realizations I've come to 2017 - and they're not all related to code.

  58. Thumb 1511974927 artwork

    Marketing Slime

    Every year around this time, I feel it. "Oh, yet another email from that business, asking me to buy their thing...again." The abuse of power is what makes marketing efforts like these feel so slimy.

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    Kicking and Screaming

    It's okay to internally kick and scream your way through, just as long as you do the work. Such practical and obvious advice, yet few of us are able to follow it.

  60. Thumb 1510673934 artwork

    Step One is Excitement

    From time to time, I'll come across discussions related to the best approach for teaching aspiring developers. And it never fails: there will always be those who recommend the driest possible introduction. Forget excitement and curiosity, as they see it. They don't factor into the equation. Wait, what??

  61. Thumb 1509657329 artwork


    When exactly did developers get it in their heads that to colors outside of the lines is an offense worthy of banishment? And who invented these lines in the first place? They don't exist. They never did.

  62. Thumb 1508263719 artwork

    The Key Ingredient

    I've come to learn that discipline is the key ingredient to every successful person I've ever met. It's obvious; we all know this. So why is it so hard to apply to ourselves?

  63. Thumb 1507222913 artwork

    Touchy Touchy

    We all have the tendency to reach for our pitchforks upon hearing information that doesn't line up with what we've decided to be true. How does this affect the coding tools and practices that we defend so vigorously?

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    Building Energy

    In the previous Laracasts Snippet, we discussed social media and how it tends to have a draining effect on me. Let's continue that conversation today, but more from the point of view of solving the problem. What specifically am I doing to increase my mental/physical energy levels?

  65. Thumb 1501513057 artwork

    The Irony Is That I Will Tweet About This Episode

    I've been noticing lately that I feel mentally drained at the end of most days. But strangely enough, it's not the code I write that causes this. No, instead it's the day-to-day social media interaction that drains me. Why again are we participating in platforms that actively encourage addiction and negativity? And why are we okay with checking our phones a hundred times a day?

  66. Thumb 1499892114 artwork

    The Interview Question I Would Ask

    Developers have come to dread interviews. What sort of silly, gotcha question that has nothing to do with building web apps whatsoever will I have to stress about this time? If I were hiring a new coder, I'd asking them an almost laughably simple question...

  67. Thumb 1498608370 artwork

    You Are Your Code

    In the development world, you'll frequently hear the phrase "you are not your code." At its core, this is very good advice, however, too often it is used as an excuse to publicly belittle your peers.

  68. Thumb 1498230511 artwork

    Your Twitter Bio Says More Than You Think

    I noticed something this morning: the developers I most frequently disagree with on Twitter place code acronyms in their bio. SOLID, DDD, etc. On the flip side, the coders I most respect nearly 100% of the time never do. How come? Let's talk about what this might indicate about the type of developer you are.

  69. Thumb 1495472910 artwork

    Let's Talk About Visual Debt and Typehints

    I recently published a short video on what I refer to as "visual debt." Shortly after, the critical tweets began to roll in. How dare you propose that all of these keywords and types and interfaces add noise, they declared. Well, let's talk about it...

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    Should This Class Be Responsible For That Thing

    The Single Responsibility is both simple and complex to comprehend at the exact same time. In fact, many people find it to be so vague to the point of being worthless. Let's talk about that in this episode, while reviewing how I personally interpret the advice for my own projects.

  71. Thumb 1492104639 artwork

    The Quest to Upgrade and Update

    Moving to a new server while upgrading to the latest version of a framework is always a scary thing. Even the smallest change can send you down a two hour rabbit hole, as you search for a solution. In this episode, I discuss my basic process, as well as the tools I prefer.

  72. Thumb 1488326054 artwork

    How to Plan a Conference Talk Like Zack Morris

    Today, we're discussing my personal workflow, when planning a new conference talk. Unfortunately, it's never quite as simple as opening your presentation app of choice, and typing away. Any typical conference talk likely took months to prepare.

  73. Thumb 1487788357 artwork

    Stop Shaming Tools

    "Don't use tools," they say. "It won't exist in a few years, but these design patterns will." Of course, the argument is that, if you dedicate any time at all to embracing libraries and frameworks that actually allow you to get the job done, you're somehow, as a result, doing yourself a huge disservice.

  74. Thumb 1487354086 artwork

    The Height of Arrogance and Vanity

    In the last six months, it has been made very clear to me that, for better or worse, we're all parrots. Whether tech, or politics, or religion, or programming, this can't be denied. How do we fix this?

  75. Thumb 1486592792 artwork

    So You're Going to be a Dad?

    Let's take a break from code this week, and talk about the person behind the code. When I found out my wife was pregnant last year, a million different thoughts and concerns went through my head all at once. Having your first child is like nothing you've ever experienced before. If you have one on the way, here's what to expect...from a male's point of view.

  76. Thumb 1484758648 artwork

    What They Say, Versus What They Do

    Over the years, I've come to realize that, what folks advertise and say they do, often bears no resemblance to what they actually do. Consider the broke financial advisor, or the event sourcing evangelist who sticks to basic CRUD and Active Record for their own projects, or the TDD expert who secretly doesn't TDD. The truth is that folks advertise what they're excited by. And, too often, what excites us is what's new and undiscovered.

  77. Thumb 1484170843 artwork

    Unique to the PHP Community

    Over the years, I've been party of many programming communities. And in all that time, I've found one thing that is entirely unique to the PHP world...

  78. Thumb 1483721042 artwork

    Go Go Go

    At all times on social media, we are surrounded by folks at the top of their game. With so much genius and success circling us like hawks, sometimes it can get you down. Even worse, around this time of year, there's so much talk about "crushing it" and "10x'ing" it.

  79. Thumb 1482508659 artwork

    Where The Gold Mine Is

    When it comes to open source code, how exactly should you decide what to build? Will anyone even care or want to use it? Who knows! But, maybe, a secret gold mine will reveal itself, once you ask a simple question.

  80. Thumb 1481213474 artwork

    Laracasts Question Block #3

    It's that time again. I have six new community questions to answer, ranging from the most stressful thing about running Laracasts, to new content in 2017, to a developer's Christmas list.

  81. Thumb 1480534747 artwork

    Marketing Pet Peeves

    I have no clue what I'm talking about, so listen to me discuss my marketing pet peeves.

  82. Thumb 1479754180 artwork
  83. Thumb 1479163532 artwork

    The Laracasts Refresh Launch Day Podcast

    Today, we're exclusively discussing the new Laracasts refresh. I talk about what I've learned in the 3-month process, interesting techniques - both front-end and back-end - that I leveraged, as well as why I spent more time simplifying, rather than complicating.

  84. Thumb 1478552421 artwork


    In this episode, we'll discuss a basic, but incredibly useful technique that I use to write more expressive code.

  85. Thumb 1478018656 artwork

    Turbolinks, the Laracasts Refresh, and My Annoying Bank

    We're all over the place today. If you're walking the dog or on your way home, tune in as I discuss everything from Turbolinks, to my annoying, broken bank. I also provide a few updates on the Laracasts refresh that I've been working on for the last few months.

  86. Thumb 1477086834 artwork

    Get Carried Away

    My favorite sorts of people are the ones who allow themselves to get carried away over simple things. It's contagious. I dare you to listen to an incredibly passionate fan, of any possible thing, and not be pulled in and inspired by their excitement. Society refers to this as nerd culture, which I find a bit dismissive and critical. If "nerdy" translates to "someone who can't help but get excited," then count me in.

  87. Thumb 1476161366 artwork

    Beware the Mob

    We're all aware of the notorious Twitter mob. Don't you dare go against agreed upon opinions, or you will be sliced to pieces. We've seen the wake of these viral slander campaigns countless times over the years - all the way up to the creator of JavaScript, himself. Why are we okay with this again? And are we creating an environment that encourages any person with differing views to remain silent, out of fear of losing their job?

  88. Thumb 1475594728 artwork


    Lately, I've been making more of an effort to focus on my energy levels, and how to maximize them. If your energy levels aren't where they should be, then any desire you might have had to finish up that side project goes out the window. This is paramount to our financial and happiness goals, so why isn't it at the top of our priority list?

  89. Thumb 1475000710 artwork

    Write it Down

    Lately, I've been forcing myself to journal tiny dev realizations I have, as I work on various projects. How often have you hit a roadblock, switched to Stack Overflow, found a fix....only to completely forget it six months later, when you encounter the same problem again?

  90. Thumb 1473698106 artwork

    A Bit Closer Than Yesterday

    When you have a full-time job, it's far too easy to ignore that side project or business that you've had your eye on. Think about it: most projects never come to completion. How come? And, more importantly, what little steps can we take to ensure that we don't fall into that same trap.

  91. Thumb 1473187218 artwork

    False Alarms

    A few nights ago, I was fast asleep when, all of the sudden, the building's fire alarm went off. It definitely woke me up, but I didn't respond in the way you might think. My instinct was to ignore it entirely. How come? And why is this also often true for the tests you write?

  92. Thumb 1472753064 artwork

    As Little As Possible

    Whether in life or software development, I think a good approach is to push for as little as possible. The fewer lines of code you must write, or the fewer items in your bathroom cabinet, the better.

  93. Thumb 1472149063 artwork

    The Beauty of CSS is BS

    A decade ago, I was taught that the beauty of CSS is its ability to completely alter the presentation of a website without touching your HTML. Yeah... "you never have to touch your HTML again." Sounds great, right? Too bad it's BS.

  94. Thumb 1471532262 artwork

    You Are Who You Say You Are

    "Fake it 'til you make it" is a great idea, just as long as you back it up behind the scenes with actual work toward the thing to which you're faking.

  95. Thumb 1470857316 artwork

    Throw it All Out

    Sometimes, the appropriate and responsible thing is to throw it all out and start again. Now, of course, not everyone has this luxury. Business requirements and deadlines often make these sorts of things impossible. However, is this true for your own business, or your own open source projects? Sometimes, that muddy code or CSS you wrote three years ago is begging to be deleted. How much better could you write it, knowing what you know now?

  96. Thumb 1470160455 artwork

    Developer Arrogance

    Recently, I've been updating a book I wrote a number of years ago. Over and over again, I found myself hitting the delete key. References to bad practices and SRP were laced throughout every chapter. How could I have been so arrogant?

  97. Thumb 1469482725 artwork

    Shut Up and do the Work

    Today, we're discussing the importance of building little projects for yourself. Whether it's a podcast, or book, or web app, pick something and force yourself to see it through to completion. Along the way, I'll tell you about my completely rewritten book, and why I'm so excited to share it this time around.

  98. Thumb 1468862732 artwork

    Just a Detail

    Last week, we talked about development trends - and how they sometimes have a tendency to make developers feel as if they're falling behind. "These are the new trends of 2016! Get to the mall, stat!" Today, let's continue the discussion a bit more. Will this new trending architecture bring you closer to launching the project of yours that's been sitting at 90% complete for a year now? Maybe...but maybe not.

  99. Thumb 1468432236 artwork

    Victims of Our Curiosity

    If you think about it, every single year, certain development trends take the community by storm. Whether repositories, or service classes, or the command bus, this is undeniably true. Let's talk about it.

  100. Thumb 1467839968 artwork

    Forever Plans, Vue, and Expansion

    Let's do another Q&A episode today. I'll answer the following community questions.

    1. Why won't Laracasts expand to cover more technologies and languages?
    2. What are your top three favorite podcasts?
    3. Are Forever Plans smart business?
    4. What's one piece of advice that you'd offer entrepreneurs starting their first business?
    5. Will there be a Laracasts series on what's new in Laravel 5.3?
    6. Vue or jQuery?
  101. Thumb 1467142344 artwork

    Two Hours, Two Times

    We have enough data to show that the typical 9-5 work day schedule is entirely arbitrary. The reality is that humans simply aren't good at holding their attention for such long spans of time. So - with a two-week-old baby in my house, I've begun re-thinking my work schedule. Is it possible that we can get the same amount of output from two hours of work, two times a day?

  102. Thumb 1466621569 artwork

    You Will Figure It Out. Every Time.

    If I were to pick my most favorite aspect of programming, it's this: no matter how difficult or confusing a bug/feature/refactor may be, if you stick with it long enough, you will figure it out. Every single time.

  103. Thumb 1465339202 artwork

    30 Days

    I'm a big fan of the tv show, "30 Days." I even apply it, at a lower level, to things in my own life. Whether it's contributing to open source every day for a month, or working out six days a week for a month, I've done a bunch of them.

  104. Thumb 1465233535 artwork

    Choose Your Tribe Wisely

    Whether we like it or not, humans have a tendency to insert themselves into small communities or factions. In the coding world, it's certainly no different. And that's specifically why it's so important that we think long and hard about which tribes we choose for ourselves. That single choice can have huge ramifications, when it comes to how we approach and think about code.

  105. Thumb 1464625572 artwork

    Permission to Forget

    I use task apps religiously for, mostly, two specific reasons: I want permission to forget about it, and I believe the process of checking off items gets you in the habit of being productive for the day. Listen to me ramble, if you'd like to hear more.

  106. Thumb 1464123989 artwork

    Let's Talk About Introversion

    We forget that there was a time when the terms "introvert" and "extrovert" didn't mean anything to the common person. Naturally, the internet has shined a huge spotlight on these personality types, but, yeah, a decade or so ago, things were a bit different. Some of us thought we simply awkward, detached individuals.

  107. Thumb 1463422830 artwork

    About Frameworks Being Dead...

    Every six months or so, it pops up again: "Frameworks are dead." that the case? What does that really mean? Let's chat.

  108. Thumb 1462208038 artwork

    The Alien

    This week's episode takes a detour, as we talk discuss the alien living inside my wife's belly.

  109. Thumb 1461177595 artwork

    It All Goes Back to a Single Assumption...That Could Be Wrong

    The vocal consensus in the PHP community seems to be that, unless a class is perfectly unit-testable in isolation, it's inherently poor code - and in need of refactoring. But are we sure this is true? Let's talk about it.

  110. Thumb 1460489045 artwork

    8 Marketing Tips for Developers That Cost Nothing

    If you're a developer launching your first product, it sometimes easy to forget that it's now exclusively your job to tell the world. Luckily, you don't have to reach into your pocket and spend thousands of dollars to get the word out; there are free - and more effective - alternatives.

  111. Thumb 1459789048 artwork

    You Have To Be Meticulous

    In the early days of my coding career, I had a tendency to spike things out. Go fast, toy around, get it to work, and then hit deploy...all while quietly saying to myself, "I'll go back and clean this up later." But I rarely actually did...

  112. Thumb 1458590933 artwork

    Does Your Class Name Really Need That Suffix?

    What do "PostRepository", "TooManyMembersException" and "StaticallyTriggeredHydratorFactoryInterface" all have in common? The suffix! Are you sure that you really need to tack on the name of the pattern to each class?

  113. Thumb 1457641792 artwork
  114. Thumb 1456775073 artwork

    Pass the Salt, Please

    The topic of discussion for this episode is a pet peeve of mine: treating developers like children. "Bobby, you're likely to cut yourself, so, no, you may not use sharp knives." Is that really the type of community we wish to foster? I hope not.

  115. Thumb 1456175958 artwork

    The Q&A Episode

    I keep a list of frequently asked questions, related to Laracasts and being a programmer in general. In this episode, we'll breeze through a long list; everything from Jim Henson, to DHH, to facades!

  116. Thumb 1455643907 artwork

    10 Business Tips When Launching Your First App

    So you're a developer planning to launch your first SaaS or subscription site? The business side of things get really complicated... really fast, right? In this episode, I rattle off ten tips and notes to be aware of, as you prepare for launch.

  117. Thumb 1455040359 artwork

    Russian-Doll Caching in Laravel

    One of the things I've been tinkering with these last few days is a mechanism for performing Russian-Doll caching in Laravel. In addition to determining if I can even make it work, I've been pondering whether this truly has a place in your future projects, or if there simply isn't enough value to warrant its usage. Who knows - let's talk about it.

  118. Thumb 1454536438 artwork

    Should College Be Mandatory?

    An interesting question popped up recently. Should college be mandatory for your children? We all bring our own pasts and experiences to the table, when a question like that pops up. Here's what I think...

  119. Thumb 1453753113 artwork

    Unlearning Programming

    Remember, back in high school, when your English teacher prescribed countless rules and techniques for writing well? Remember how we all quietly applied these rules? Why not? Who are we to disagree at that age? However, fast forward a half-decade or so, and you start to realize that so many of these "rules" are simply...gibberish. Does that remind you of any other industry?

  120. Thumb 1453153414 artwork

    Prepare for Terrible People

    Even a site as innocent and helpful as Laracasts has had its fair share of malicious users. It's a simple fact of the business. Are you lucky enough to have built a relatively popular product? Excellent! Now, get ready for the attacks.

  121. Thumb 1452533483 artwork

    The 100% Goal is Wrong

    Particularly when building open source tools, I think it's important to remember that the 100% goal is wrong. Or, in other words, when you repeatedly make compromises to make everyone happy, it might just turn out that you've made no one happy.

  122. Thumb 1452028843 artwork

    Prioritize, Incentivize, Optimize

    Rather than big New Year's Resolutions, I prefer to make three simple lists. Prioritize the things you love to do, incentivize the things you need to do, and optimize the things you hate to do. It's cheesy as hell, but stay with me...

  123. Thumb 1451320984 artwork

    Taking it Too Far is a Rite of Passage

    There's no two ways about it: taking things too far is simply a rite of passage. Whether it's developers over-evangelizing microservices and command-oriented architecture, or guitar players forcing newly learned modes into their solos, we all take it too far...before finally pulling back.

  124. Thumb 1450392244 artwork

    Blame Amy Schumer

    So my wife and I recently took a trip into Nashville to see Amy Schumer perform. And wouldn't you know it: the moment we arrived, Bugsnag began sending me error reports. No laptop, and two hours from home. ...Crap.

  125. Thumb 1449860134 artwork

    90% of Devs Don't Test Their Code. Why?

    90% of developers don't test their code. Made up percentages aside, I think you'll find that this is fairly accurate, when you gather the entire development community. How come? With so much evangelism across the board, what's the reason behind this hesitation?

  126. Thumb 1449262824 artwork

    Mint-Chocolate Burnout

    If we're being frank, in the last month, I've felt somewhat burned out. As developers, it happens to us all at some point or another. Let's talk about that for a bit.

  127. Thumb 1448638434 artwork

    Technical Debt vs. Mental Debt

    The concept of mental debt is something that developers never talk about. We're obsessed with pointing out technical debt, but isn't there value in worrying about our limited mental energy? There's only so much complexity we can take in.

  128. Thumb 1448293666 artwork

    Go Out On Your Own

    Making the transition from employee to business owner is, to be frank, scary as hell. If you're not careful, you'll freeze. The "what ifs" will quickly assume command, and you'll once again fall back to the safe path. But, if you can fight it, there just might be something better on the other side.

  129. Thumb 1447802816 artwork

    In Over My Head

    I'd love to tell you about the most dangerous app I've ever built. To say I was in over my the understatement of the century.

  130. Thumb 1447709186 artwork

    Nobody Knows What the Hell They're Doing

    After over a decade of working in this industry, I've come to one undeniable truth: nobody knows what the hell they're doing. Let me explain...

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