The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development. Nothing more, nothing less. Hosted by Jeffrey Way.

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    Touchy Touchy

    We all have the tendency to reach for our pitchforks upon hearing information that doesn't line up with what we've decided to be true. How does this affect the coding tools and practices that we defend so vigorously?

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    Building Energy

    In the previous Laracasts Snippet, we discussed social media and how it tends to have a draining effect on me. Let's continue that conversation today, but more from the point of view of solving the problem. What specifically am I doing to increase my mental/physical energy levels?

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    The Irony Is That I Will Tweet About This Episode

    I've been noticing lately that I feel mentally drained at the end of most days. But strangely enough, it's not the code I write that causes this. No, instead it's the day-to-day social media interaction that drains me. Why again are we participating in platforms that actively encourage addiction and negativity? And why are we okay with checking our phones a hundred times a day?

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    The Interview Question I Would Ask

    Developers have come to dread interviews. What sort of silly, gotcha question that has nothing to do with building web apps whatsoever will I have to stress about this time? If I were hiring a new coder, I'd asking them an almost laughably simple question...

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    You Are Your Code

    In the development world, you'll frequently hear the phrase "you are not your code." At its core, this is very good advice, however, too often it is used as an excuse to publicly belittle your peers.

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    Your Twitter Bio Says More Than You Think

    I noticed something this morning: the developers I most frequently disagree with on Twitter place code acronyms in their bio. SOLID, DDD, etc. On the flip side, the coders I most respect nearly 100% of the time never do. How come? Let's talk about what this might indicate about the type of developer you are.

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    Let's Talk About Visual Debt and Typehints

    I recently published a short video on what I refer to as "visual debt." Shortly after, the critical tweets began to roll in. How dare you propose that all of these keywords and types and interfaces add noise, they declared. Well, let's talk about it...

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    Should This Class Be Responsible For That Thing

    The Single Responsibility is both simple and complex to comprehend at the exact same time. In fact, many people find it to be so vague to the point of being worthless. Let's talk about that in this episode, while reviewing how I personally interpret the advice for my own projects.

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    The Quest to Upgrade and Update

    Moving to a new server while upgrading to the latest version of a framework is always a scary thing. Even the smallest change can send you down a two hour rabbit hole, as you search for a solution. In this episode, I discuss my basic process, as well as the tools I prefer.

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    How to Plan a Conference Talk Like Zack Morris

    Today, we're discussing my personal workflow, when planning a new conference talk. Unfortunately, it's never quite as simple as opening your presentation app of choice, and typing away. Any typical conference talk likely took months to prepare.

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