The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development. Nothing more, nothing less. Hosted by Jeffrey Way.

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    What You Should Think

    Do you ever feel like you opinions are being spoon-fed to you? Even worse, what if you didn't even realize it was taking place?

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    Top of the Pack

    You've seen the same headline all over the web: "This one technique can triple your income overnight." Really? And I only have to click through your article, split into fifteen pages full of ads? Where do I sign up!? But what if there was a simple technique to drastically improve your chances in the job market?

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    Immersion is Key

    It doesn't matter which new thing I want to learn, step one is always the same: immerse yourself.

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    Kevin McCallister is a Jerk (and 2017 Realizations)

    In this episode, we'll begin with a five minute discussion of Home Alone, because I know my audience - and that's what you're truly craving from me. Then, we'll move on to a variety of realizations I've come to 2017 - and they're not all related to code.

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    Marketing Slime

    Every year around this time, I feel it. "Oh, yet another email from that business, asking me to buy their thing...again." The abuse of power is what makes marketing efforts like these feel so slimy.

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    Kicking and Screaming

    It's okay to internally kick and scream your way through, just as long as you do the work. Such practical and obvious advice, yet few of us are able to follow it.

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    Step One is Excitement

    From time to time, I'll come across discussions related to the best approach for teaching aspiring developers. And it never fails: there will always be those who recommend the driest possible introduction. Forget excitement and curiosity, as they see it. They don't factor into the equation. Wait, what??

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    When exactly did developers get it in their heads that to colors outside of the lines is an offense worthy of banishment? And who invented these lines in the first place? They don't exist. They never did.

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    The Key Ingredient

    I've come to learn that discipline is the key ingredient to every successful person I've ever met. It's obvious; we all know this. So why is it so hard to apply to ourselves?

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    Touchy Touchy

    We all have the tendency to reach for our pitchforks upon hearing information that doesn't line up with what we've decided to be true. How does this affect the coding tools and practices that we defend so vigorously?

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