The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts Snippet

The Laracasts snippet, each episode, offers a single thought on some aspect of web development.

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    Repair Your Focus

    We can all surely relate to the sense that our ability to focus has slowly deteriorated over the last decade. If this scares you as much as it does me, let's talk about how we reverse the process through habit forming.

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    They're Only Guidelines

    I think you'll find that intermediate-level developers tend to be the most passionate and rigid of the entire community. It is at this stage of your learning when you are most susceptible and attracted to programming "rules," or instructions from above that, when followed, lead us to clean code. But that's okay. While we all eventually realize that rules are meant to be broken, in certain phases of our training, rules very much serve an important purpose, and we'll talk about it in this episode.

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    This is How We Elect a President

    To offer something different this week, let's tear down and inspect a recent conflict on the US presidential debate stage.

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    A Brain Dump on Fatherhood

    In this episode, I offer a brain dump on the intricacies of raising two little kids, and fatherhood in general.

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    The Learn to Code Absurdity

    Too often, we hear politicians spew the tired "learn to code" slogan in response to difficult questions related to disappearing jobs in remote America. Let's talk about the logistics and practicality of a middle-aged coal miner making this switch.

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    Thinking About Types

    I've thought quite a bit about types in the last year or two. I know - borrring - but I find it interesting to observe how intensely talented developers can disagree with one another on this particular issue.

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    The Correct Way to Think of Objects

    Developers passionately disagree with one another on most programming issues. For every tutorial on class inheritance, duck-typing, naming conventions, and mutability, I'll show you another resource that argues vehemently in the opposite direction.

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    Focus on Two Hours, Not Two Years

    Every developer should develop and manage at least one project themselves. Doing so not only harnesses your discipline, but it also forces you to flex product-related muscles you've never used before.

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    Identifying CSS Animation Bottlenecks

    One of the more frustrating aspects of front-end development stems from the fact that even the smallest of alterations has the potential to derail your entire week. In this episode, we'll discuss how to track browser-specific CSS performance issues.

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    Correlation Does Not Equal Causation

    That simple rule we all learned years ago in school may not have stuck properly. Why else would we, decade after decade, incorrectly and constantly draw "cause-and-effect" lines from one variable to another?

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